Matias Levin


About Matias

About Matias

Dr Matias Levin, a distinguished Cardiologist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, brings extensive expertise and dedication to his practice. Fluent in Spanish, English, with basic proficiency in French and Portuguese, Dr Levin adeptly communicates with a diverse range of patients, providing exceptional care to both adults and children.

Dr Levin earned his medical degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he also completed his cardiology residency at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. Further developing his skills, he pursued a cardiac imaging fellowship at the same prestigious institution.

Motivated by a family legacy of cardiologists, Dr Levin developed a profound interest in cardiology from a young age. His passion lies particularly in cardiac imaging, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and valvular disease.

Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of heart conditions, Dr Levin provides his services with a patient-centred approach, ensuring personalized care tailored to each individual’s needs.

Dr Levin is a proud member of the General Medical Council, reflecting his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of medical practice. Beyond his professional endeavours, he is dedicated to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest developments in cardiology to provide the best possible care for his patients.

In his leisure time, Dr Levin enjoys engaging in activities that enhance his well-being and knowledge, embodying a holistic approach to life and health.


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