Contraception Advice

Both genders seek our help to discuss the best ways to prevent pregnancy, as well as fertility issues linked to family planning. This includes personal and private contraceptive services for women, who need a listening ear and insightful individual advice.

Methods of contraception

Medical science has provided both genders with a wide range of options for pregnancy prevention. Some also protect you from STIs.

However, contraception is a deeply personal choice. Finding a method that suits you must take into account your medical history, lifestyle and preferences. Our medical team listen and then offer you the best contraceptive options to match your needs and wishes.

Assured and reliable contraception options:

  • Contraceptive implant
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Intrauterine system (IUS)
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Sterilisation: fallopian tubes
  • Sterilisation by vasectomy

Contraceptive methods that are reliant on patient control:

  • Contraceptive vaginal ring
  • Contraceptive patch
  • Combined pill (COC)
  • Progestogen-only pill (POP)
  • Condoms (male/external)
  • Condoms (female/internal)
  • Diaphragm/cap with spermicide
  • Natural family planning

Your Health. Our Commitment.

Taking control of your ability to become pregnant is one of the most fundamental rights women own. Whether you wish to delay or permanently prevent pregnancy, make an appointment for caring and confidential contraceptive advice at the Oval Medical Centre.

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