Covid-19 Testing

Get a private Coronavirus test and prove a negative result

COVID-19 restrictions on travel are beginning to ease slightly and there’s a good chance the situation will continue to improve in the coming weeks. Though there’s still lots of confusion!

Including the difference between lateral flow and PCR tests and what documentation you need for travel at this stage in the pandemic.

Thanks to our COVID-19 testing services in London, you have a reliable and fast way to get a fit to fly certificate. As well as rapid testing needed for other events and venues in the coming months.

Box of Covid-19 PCR test

Covid-19 PCR

It is the most widely used and most reliable test for the virus.

Oval Medical Centre sells PCR home testing kits to get a travel certificate in the comfort of your home, by screening yourself for viral RNA, which can form before antibodies or symptoms are detectable.

Box of Covid-19 Antigen test

Covid-19 Antigen

It is a quick test, with a Positive or Negative outcome.

This method of testing for COVID-19 measures the presence of foreign proteins that can be present if you are exposed to someone with the virus.

Box of Covid-19 Antibodies test

Covid-19 Antibodies

With our help, you get

This option aims to detect if you have already had COVID, and your immune system has produced antibodies. This does not show if you currently have the virus, and not everyone has measurable antibodies present!


*Testing kits and returned samples are delivered by Royal Mail and all handling and delays are outside of our control. Please contact Oval Medical Centre if you haven’t received your result within four days of returning your testing kit.

**Some countries DO NOT accept the Antigen test as proof of Covid-19 negative. Please check the latest information about your destination country before buying the test. 

If you are doing this test for travel purposes, you must request your Travel Certificate when paying for the test.