Private Doctors in London

See your doctor via your laptop, PC, mobile phone or on-site. Our team of private doctors provides high-quality health care services to individuals, families and companies.
Same day consultation available by appointment
Multilingual team
Multilingual team of doctors and staff
Conveniently located just three minutes from Oval Station
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Video Consultation

Video consultation offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative. After the consultation, your prescription is sent to a pharmacy of your choice.

Covid-19 Testing

Planning a trip during the pandemic? We can provide test and a medical letter to certify you are fit to fly after your PCR test.

Our services include

DNA Paternity

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PCO Licence
PCO Licence

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Blood Test
Blood Tests

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We have been rated Good by Care Quality Commission

Dr Bartosz Gorecki

Health & Wellbeing Blog

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How movement and exercise can help your brain work better

Taking simple steps to get more active physically can have a big impact on your ability to pay attention, learn and remember information, reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease too!

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Sleep deprivation: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Having too little sleep can affect your health, mood and energy levels. Reasons for poor slumber vary, but some require a London GP’s help to restore healthy sleep patterns.