Gabrielle Oliveira

General Physician

About Dr Oliveira

About Dr Oliveira

Expanding our primary care team enables us to support the general, everyday health needs of even more people who prefer private healthcare in the London area. This is why we were delighted to welcome Dr. Gabrielle Cordeiro de Oliveira to our team.

She qualified as a doctor in 2013 at Universidade Regional de Blumenau (FURB). This was in her home country of Brazil, where she then went on to gain valuable experience in primary care, as a General Physician.

In 2016, Dr. Gabrielle undertook a Post-Graduate Diploma, specialising in Medical Teaching. This was completed under the tutelage of the Sirio-Libanes Teaching and Research Institute, São Paulo, Brazil.

On moving to the UK, this experienced General Physician of course secured full registration from the GMC here. She also gained certification as an Advanced Life Support Provider (ALS) under the Resuscitation Council UK (Croydon University Hospital) and undertook courses in Systematic Training in Acute Illness Recognition and Treatment, specialist end-of-life care, acute medicine and pain management, as part of her commitment to continual professional development.

By joining the ever-expanding multi-lingual private medical team at Oval, Dr Gabrielle hopes to use her dedication to primary care to support patients in various ways. Including helping them to prevent illness, secure a swift diagnosis, manage existing conditions, and engage positively with treatment pathways.

This reflects the way Oval Medical Centre establishes long-term relationships with many of the patients seeking private doctors in London.

Dr Gabrielle said: “I love the kind of interaction that primary care provides with the patients.” She is also pleased to offer medical consultations in Portuguese, as part of our private health provision for patients who speak English as a second language.

To consult Dr. Gabrielle, or any of our London-based private GPs, please contact us for a swift appointment.


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What our patients say about us

Heloisa E.
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“Great! Dr Gabrielle Oliveira is a professional that everyone should imitate! Stay with the patient until everything is explained and with great affection! Blessed and enlightened person! This Centre is lucky to have her as a doctor! Thank you very much and more success to you all!”
Alejandro Campos
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"When I go to the Oval Medical Centre it's like going to the doctor's office when I was a kid. It is a pleasure to discover that in London there is still a medical centre where the excellent professional care of its medical staff and all its employees, has something obvious to many, but which is not always easy to find, such as kindness, closeness, the information you need in your own language and always with a smile. It cheers you up!
Thanks (Obrigado) to Dr. Oliveira, Dr. Jardim and the entire team, always a pleasure and peace of mind to know that you are there, the time it takes to make an appointment on your website for the same day or the day after."
Richard Graham
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"I’ve used the OMC several times now and they’re amazing. All the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Their prices are great and the service is up there with what you get on much more expensive private practices in central London. I would definitely recommend it."