Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence

Statistics show that the majority of men suffer in silence. The big male terror now can be treated with excellent results. The most important thing is to consult your doctor as soon as you notice the first symptoms in order to have a proper diagnose and treatment. Doctors at Oval Medical Centre have experience on these matters.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you notice any symptoms go visit us. STIs need prompt treatment, sometimes what appears to be not so serious for you, can be very serious for your partner.
There are several STIs, sometimes silent, without symptoms, and there is a considerable lack of knowledge about them. Our doctors are prepared to give information about preventive measures and, if it is the case, how to proceed with the safest treatment.

DNA paternity test

Our paternity testing service is discreet and professional. Whether you are looking to pursue legal action or answer long-standing questions, our London-based service is quick, reliable, and provides information in a confidential and easy-to-digest manner.

Prostate check-up

A small gland that can be the centre of big health problems. If you are over 40, go to your doctor at the Oval Medical Centre and have your prostate examined – both the physical and laboratory tests. When we talk about prostate, prevention is the best remedy.

Testosterone replacement

An essential hormone in the male body, testosterone governs a number of male physical and sexual characteristics. Whether you are concerned about development, gender identity, or ongoing maintenance and regulation, our skilled teams are happy to work with you to help resolve any number of queries or work to resolve ongoing problems.

Having sufficient testosterone in your body can also play a key role in sustaining your sex drive and addressing issues around fertility. When testosterone levels decrease, symptoms can include ED, tiredness, changes in mood, memory issues, and issues around concentrating and retaining complex and simple information.

If you have concerns about your testosterone, taking decisive action can help our team eliminate any potential issues, or provide you with a course of treatment tailored to your unique needs.All of our clinicians have been trained to the highest standards, and we value confidentiality above everything else. By using Oval Medical Centre, you can be sure that you will receive a professional, confidential treatment, and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.