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Erectile Dysfunction

When men struggle to create or maintain an erection, this is known as erectile dysfunction. Many men in this situation are too embarrassed to seek help or hope the situation improves spontaneously. This can negatively impact their relationships and also their mental health.

However, there are solutions that may enable you to move beyond this period of impotence, and return to your normal sexual activity.

As it is such a common issue, there are now various ways to reverse erectile dysfunction. An empathetic, private medical professional at Oval will help identify the cause, and then suggest modern methods and techniques proven to work, including therapeutic support.

What could the causes of erectile dysfunction be?

Frequent reasons for this period of impotence are too little sleep, stress, anxiety or depression. These can actually get worse if you don’t ask for help with this sensitive issue.

Another reason to get help immediately is that your difficulties in getting and keeping an erection may be related to an underlying health issue. This includes injury, kidney disease, hormonal or blood pressure problems, or diabetes for example. Having a timely diagnosis can mean early and effective treatment.

Discreet and supportive medical advice about erectile dysfunction can begin with an appointment with a private GP at our London clinic.