Diagnostics Tests

Results in 24 hours

Mouth swab or a blood sample

For the busy professional or family, We complete your diagnostic testing when it suits you.

Diagnostics Tests

We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests. For patients requiring testing for a specific complaint or concern, or who need special testing for an illness or condition, we offer over 1000 tests for a variety of diagnostic purposes, including digestive problems, cardiological testing, and more.

Commonly requested tests and profiles:

We work with the largest provider clinical laboratory services in the UK

Oval Medical Centre is a clinic with tools and expertise to carry out a wide range of different functions within medical testing. These include common services such as blood testing, urine testing and stool testing as well as sexual health diagnostics such as smear tests and semen analysis.

Some of the diagnostics we provide:

We collect a sample of your blood for analysis, such as complete blood count, cholesterol levels, heart checks, hormonal functions or presence of inflammation, amongst others.

This is an important complementary diagnostic method that can provide us with important clues about systemic diseases, especially kidney disease.

After a medical appointment, our doctor may request a swab.

Swab is an absorbent material used to take a small amount of substance from your body to be tested in the laboratory (for example: vaginal discharge).

In few days, you will receive your result and we can provide you a treatment to feel better as soon as possible.

Suitable to verify the presence of parasites in the body, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver problems and impaired vitamin absorption by the body. A stool test may also be requested by the doctor to evaluate digestive functions, the amount of fat or eggs and parasites in the faeces.

Smear Test, also known as Cervical Cytology, is a test to detect abnormal cells on your cervix.
If you do your cervical cytology when you are invited to, you are preventing yourself from cervical cancer.

We don’t do the semen analysis in our Clinic, but we can refer you to a great place to do it!
Our clinic works with a very good laboratory, so you can feel absolutely confident; you will receive your semen test result in few days.

Screening examinations are tests performed to find disease before symptoms begin. The goal of screening is to detect disease at its earliest and most treatable stage.

At the Oval Medical Centre, we constantly invest in technology – and skills – to support effective diagnosis and health evaluation. That includes offering a fast London ultrasound scanning service that safely gathers internal imagery of various body areas. Ultrasound scans are a safe, painless and quick medical test, that use sound waves to create important insights.