This includes offering exercise prescriptions and mobilisation techniques to relieve common physical challenges such as: neck and back pains, sciatica, head pain, pregnancy discomfort and back pain, frozen shoulder, and injuries from sporting activities.

Physiotherapy can also provide realistic mobility and pain-management insights for those with a postural abnormality or long-term disability.

Physiotherapy can support patients with sustainable improvements to their mobility or pain-management at our London physiotherapy practice in Oval. Some patients also seek help for stress-related muscle tension, so book a London physical MOT or obtain practical postural advice.

We use all proven techniques from the field of physiotherapy in individual treatment plans, including:

Anthony Hegarty

Anthony Hegarty

Hegarty is a physiotherapist with wide experience of different physical therapy techniques working for the NHS, military, private practices and corporate clients, Anthony Hegarty offers the latest exercise prescriptions and mobilisation activities. Learn More...