Free Return Consultations

Some of our doctors offer a free consultation if you return within 30 days of your original consultation. In order to benefit from this policy, you must show that you have the same symptoms as you did on your previous visit, and you must see the same doctor.

Terms and conditions:

The following doctors currently offer a free return consultation:


If you require a return consultation with a doctor who is not on the list above, you will be expected to pay the full consultation fee.

If you return to the clinic after the 30-day period has expired, you will be charged our regular consultation fee. If you return within the 30-day period but do not see the same doctor, you will be charged a reduced rate of £37.50.

If you return with different symptoms or with new symptoms which may not be related to your initial appointment, the cost of your consultation will be at your doctor’s discretion. They will make this decision based on whether or not they believe your symptoms to be part of the same medical problem, or indicative of a new issue.