Justino Monteiro

General Physician

About Dr Monteiro

About Dr Monteiro

Over three decades of medical service in both developed and developing nations ensure Dr Justino Monteiro brings a wealth of crucial skills and insights to the Oval Medical team.

Born in Guinea – Bissau West Africa, Dr Monteiro is a Portuguese, English, Spanish, French-speaking doctor! He gained medical qualifications at Classic University of Lisbon, before progressing to a Certificate in Internal Medicine at Egas Moniz Hospital, Lisbon.

General practice and hospital attachments in Lisbon followed, then in 1994, he became a GP for N.G.O. (an International Medical Assistance agency affiliated to the World Health Organisation) based in Mozambique.
When he initially relocated to London, Dr Monteiro worked in a Department of Intensive Care and as a Locum running an inner-city medical practice, working closely with the Stockwell Project to provide substance misuse support.

Over the following years, Dr Monteiro held various key posts in the UK – including as a Medical Officer for British Pregnancy Advisory Service. He also returned to Portugal for a while, gaining more experience in High Dependency and Intensive care settings.

This doctor has also written and presented papers internationally, on the topic of HIV2.

In 2004 Dr Monteiro founded The Monteiro Clinic, a specialist private medical facility in London; the launchpad of his valued working relationship with Oval Medical Centre.

A keen exponent of preventive healthcare, mental health improvement and weight management, Dr Monteiro also specialises in cardiovascular diseases and tropical/travel medicine.


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What our patients say about us

Antonio Peixoto
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"Thanks to this clinic, Portuguese-speaking patients can express themselves and explain their symptoms well and it is a public utility clinic. Thank you, Dr Monteiro."
Maria Luisa Tavares
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"It's impossible not to get better...all the doctors and staff are extremely dedicated to the patient and do everything they can to make us better. Thank you all!"
Richard Graham
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"I’ve used the OMC several times now and they’re amazing. All the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Their prices are great and the service is up there with what you get on much more expensive private practices in central London. I would definitely recommend it."
Juan Carlos
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"Very good attention as always. The doctors, reception staff and laboratory provide excellent care, whenever I have a health problem, they do the necessary tests. I got my prescription and following the treatment after a few days, I'm fine again. Thank you all very much for your excellent work."