Carla Binenbojm

Dermatology Specialist​

About Binenbojm

About Binenbojm

Dr Carla Binenbojm, a distinguished Dermatology Specialist​ born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, brings over three decades of experience to the field. Dr Binenbojm embarked on a medical career fueled by a profound passion for science and a deep understanding of human nature.

Having earned a medical degree from the esteemed University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Dr Binenbojm has contributed significantly to the healthcare landscape. Her extensive professional journey has traversed state hospitals, two university hospitals, and five private clinics, including a twelve-year tenure at her own clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

Specializing in general Dermatology, Dr Binenbojm exhibits a particular focus on Pediatric Dermatology, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, and alopecia. With a wealth of experience spanning three decades, Dr Binenbojm continues to deliver patient-centered care. During consultations, meticulous attention is given to patient concerns and expectations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s unique needs.

In terms of academic achievements, Dr Binenbojm holds a Master’s degree in Dermatology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, graduating with the highest distinction. Further, she earned a Diploma in Dermatology from Queen Mary University of London, where she was recognized as the best student of the year, receiving distinctions for both academic excellence and the best dissertation, titled “Guttate Psoriasis.”

Active within the professional community, Dr Binenbojm maintains memberships in the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and is currently progressing towards membership in the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Beyond professional pursuits, Dr Binenbojm is motivated by a commitment to providing compassionate care. She acknowledges the distress that brings patients to seek medical attention and strives to be a practitioner who listens attentively, investigates thoroughly, and delivers the best available treatments.

On a personal note, Dr Binenbojm is an avid nature enthusiast with a love for travel, arts, and literature. This multidimensional approach is reflected in her commitment to holistic dermatological care, emphasizing the importance of overall well-being. Visitors to Dr Binenbojm’s bio page are welcomed with a message echoing her passion for dermatology and a commitment to fostering skin health and holistic care.


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