Covid-19 Travel Certificate

As the coronavirus pandemic restrictions ease, you may increasingly travel for business or pleasure.

How do you get a travel certificate to prove a negative COVID-19 test?

It is common for airline carriers, immigration departments and other organisations to ask travellers to prove that they don’t currently carry an active COVID-19 infection.

There are likely to be a growing number of occasions when you will need to prove that you have taken a COVID test and that you don’t carry an active virus. It’s certainly now common when travelling from country to country. You will be asked for a travel certificate to be allowed entry at destination airports.

Having a COVID test certificate can also help you to avoid lengthy quarantine periods after your flight.

Where can I get a COVID-19 travel certificate?

Proving you are negative for the active virus relies on using accredited testing agencies and laboratories. We can help you with this, by providing a travel certificate after your test.

How to get my COVID-19 test?

You can walk-in to our clinic and request your test at the reception or book an appointment. You only pay for your test!

Timing of tests and travel certificates

You need to think carefully about the best time to get tested for coronavirus if you are planning to travel abroad. Most destinations will only accept a COVID negative test certificate relating to a result obtained within 72 hours of your flight.

How quickly can I get a COVID-19 travel certificate?

The results for the PCR test is after 48 hours and the Antigen within 30 minutes. The results – and the travel certificate you have requested – will be emailed out to you, for speed and efficiency. This will include the date of the sample, test and results.

Remember, when you arrange a fast COVID-19 test with us you also need to request the travel certificate.