DNA Paternity Test

Our paternity testing service is discreet and professional. Whether you are looking to pursue legal action or answer long-standing questions, our London-based service is quick, reliable, and provides information in a confidential and easy-to-digest manner.

All that is required is a mouth swab or a blood sample to allow our team to complete their work. Conducting DNA tests is a routine process that can help to:
  • Resolve disputes over ongoing child-maintenance obligations
  • Address UK settlement visa issues
  • Aid legal attempts for right-to-contact a child
  • Resolve issues over inheritance and estate issues following a bereavement

We have two types of DNA test:

Peace of Mind

from £150*
  • Paternity test has the purpose to inform the alleged father about his paternity and any personal documents are required.
  • For the DNA paternity test, we need to collect samples from the alleged father and from the child -son or daughter.
  • The test result will be sent for the GTL and they will give us the test result in a period of 7 working days.

Court Approved

from £320*
  • This test is required for legal purposes (Court, Embassy, Council…)
  • All the members that will come to participate on the test have to bring ID such as a Passport, driving Licence or Birth Certificate (if is a child): 4 recent photographs (passport size)
  • To protect the confidentiality of the patient, we are not allowed to give any information about the test result over the phone, the patient has to come to our clinic to pick it up the result.
  • Any member of the patient’s family or friends can not have any information about the test results.
  • The test result will be sent for the GTL and they will give us the test result in a period of 14 working days.

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