Health Insurance

We Accept Health Insurance Providers

We Accept Health Insurance Providers
We understand that not all patients have private health insurance, and prefer to pay for their healthcare themselves when it is needed. Below is a list of Healthcare insurance providers that we have worked with, however we accept all Healthcare insurance providers as long a payment confirmation is sent to us.
We can also charge for individual appointments, treatments and or procedures according to your requirements.

How does work each insurance company?

Allianz Assistance is a worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance services.
Patient must have their authorization code for the consultation. To get the authorization code patient you can call the insurance company and inform the policy number. Reception staff also can call the insurance company, inform patients policy number and ask for the authorization code.
World Travel Assistance
They send in advance a guarantee of payment, with the amount they cover and with a card details that we use to make the payment immediately after the consultation.
Four Points Assistance Ltd
Specialist providers of Emergency Assistance Services in the UK and Ireland