Marcia Romao


About Marcia

About Marcia

One of our bi-lingual medical staff at Oval has a very interesting and vital speciality.

Marcia is a Phlebotomist, which means she has expertise in drawing blood samples for diagnosis and monitoring purposes.

Many general healthcare patients at our private London GP clinic need her services. Testing blood can help our team to identify an increasing range of illnesses. It can also be important in helping patients to manage long-term conditions such as diabetes, kidney and liver disorders and cancers.

Having Marcia in our team means that she can put patients at ease and meet any special requirements and concerns when blood samples are needed. She can take a patient’s age and health into consideration and use specialist blood draw methods to match particular testing targets.

This work is valued by our GPS and keeps us compliant with the safety and hygiene requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Portugal born Marcia began her career in this interesting field after becoming inspired by seeing our medical professionals at work, during her time as one of our receptionists. She gained her phlebotomy qualifications at the London Medical School in 2020.

She said: “It was on my own initiative that I took the course and I love what I do.”

The Oval Medical Centre supports all our team in continued professional development, including our highly valued and friendly customer service team. So, we are especially delighted that Marcia has found a way to put her ‘people skills’ to good use in our purpose-designed consultation rooms!


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