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About Reis-Bennett

About Reis-Bennett

Elizete Reis-Bennett Nutritional Scientist, graduated from St Mary’s University (School of Health & Sport and Applied Sciences in London-England). She is also specialized in healthy weight loss, family and child nutrition, pregnancy and nutritional re-education.

Elizete is the founder of the “Nutrition First” which provides online care worldwide. She also works as a Health Coach Nutritionist for Chelsea Football Club Foundation and has helped hundreds of adults, children and teens around the world become healthier and more physically active.

Elizete fell in love with nutrition after 20 years of work in British schools, dealing with overweight children and adolescents as well as obesity in their families. This is all applying multidisciplinary methods so they could have a healthier lifestyle.

Observing the different difficulties of each person and realizing that there was no single program or diet that suited everyone, and that each biotype, each metabolism and each genetic responded differently to the programs, in addition to the number of people with conflicts and eating disorders – Elizete then embarked on a 4-years journey to study the Science of Human Nutrition, nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics and understand how each one’s genetics, biotype and metabolism responds to certain foods and diets. Today her mission is to help you “rediscover nutrition, understand your biotype, and become lighter and healthier” by applying scientific methodologies.

Elizete is a member of the AFN Association For Nutrition in England and is the creator of the weight loss program “You lighter” for adults, and the children’s food re-education program “Mission For Nutrition” in addition to the project “Mom lighter” a support of 40 weeks for the pregnant woman to have a healthy pregnancy, not gain too much weight, and ensure the health of mother and baby. In addition, she also has a project “Cooking with Friends” for children, with a proposal to create a passion for cooking and eating healthy foods from childhood in a practical, simple and fun way.


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